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Trick or Treat Safety Tips

  1. Always accompany young children around the neighborhood.
  2. Tell older children to remain in a group and stay in communication with you.
  3. Avoid homemade treats and inspect all candy before it’s consumed.
  4. Only go to well-lit homes.
  5. Do not enter any homes or cars for treats.

Halloween Costume Safety Tips

  1. Dress children in brightly colored or light-colored costumes. 
  2. Use reflective tape, flashlights, or glow sticks for added visibility.
  3. Make sure their costumes and shoes fit properly to prevent trips or falls.
  4. Apply non-toxic makeup as an alternative to masks, which can block their view.
  5. Make sure their costumes and accessories are labeled “flame-resistant.”

Follow these steps and be safe.  Enjoy Halloween!